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Webinars are offered the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 1 pm Eastern Time. The mission of these learning opportunities is to provide continuing education to the NUA members. Registration information for the webinars are emailed to members two weeks prior to the event, so be sure to sign up. All webinars are hosted through Zoom, so members will need to download Zoom (free) in order to view. The Zoom format allows participants to view the webinar as well as ask questions live. Each webinar is recorded and will be available for members to view for at least one month after the original broadcast date.

2020 Webinar Schedule

July 14:  Top 10 Things You Need to Know to Run Your Business

Join Angie Avard Turner from Gracious Counsel. 

Want to make sure your business is legally taken care of?  Not sure where to begin?  This webinar will begin to detail and highlight the questions you need to answer for your business to ensure that your business is taking care of being legally protected. Participants will learn how to choose an attorney, key factors in incorporating, contracts pertaining to a variety of  business relationships, intellectual property--why it is SO important, how to protect their web presence, and best practices for social media.

August Webinar:  Announced soon... 

Past Webinars

March 12: NUA Strategic Plan Launch

The launch of the National Upholstery Association's first Strategic Plan. This bold new vision for the upholstery industry was presented by NUA President, Rachel Fletcher, via live webinar with time for Q&A with the Board of Directors after.

This webinar is available for all Upholstery and Related Industries Professionals, not just NUA members.

July 9: Meet the NUA Board!

Members of the NUA Board of Directors spoke about the  NUA. Participants asked questions, gave suggestions, and got to know the group that worked so hard to get the NUA up and running. 

August 13: Foam Selection  

Randy Oelschlager, owner of Fabric Supply Inc., talked about foam. How to select the appropriate foam for the job? What does IFD and HR mean? How can foam be recycled? Best ways to cut foam? Information about indoor and outdoor foam. All things FOAM! 

Webinar recorded for members.

Sept 10: Website Basics

Jason Chagnon, President of Providentia Marketing, talks about the basics of having a business website, including some great marketing tips. 

Webinar recorded for members.

Nov 12: Tools & Gadgets

Rhonda Shanahan, owner of The Whimsical Chair, will present demonstrations on a variety of tools used in upholstery. Ask questions and learn more about a pneumatic nailhead gun, double welt gauge, gimp gun, and a leather stitcher.  She’ll also provide insight on using grinding tools for a variety of purposes and much more!

Webinar recorded for members.

January 14: How to do Email Marketing with Joy and Ease

Email marketing offers an incredibly high return on your time and money when compared to other digital marketing methods. In this webinar Kimberly Beer will share the current strategies that are working with this powerful sales, marketing and customer service tool. You will also learn how to make your job as an email marketer easier and more joyful (yes, joyful!). Tips and tool recommendations will be provided.

Webinar recorded for members.

February 11: Understanding Performance Fabrics

Learn the essentials of unparalleled fabric performance from NUA Industry Partner, United Fabrics.

Webinar recorded for members.

March 10: Once Upon A Hide: Everything you've always wanted to know about leather but were afraid to ask. 

Learn from Lucio Esposito, Carla Bluitt, and Ashley Blume of Crest Leather (NUA Industry Partner).

Webinar recorded for members.

April 14: Textile Safety, Why and How to Green your Textile Choices, With an explanation of Fire Codes and required FR

If you have not had a customer ask you for fire retardant free fabric and furniture before, you will. Or chemical free, or non-toxic. Patty Grossman of Two Sisters Ecotextiles will give you the information with which to answer these questions for your customers and prospects.

Webinar recorded for members. 

May 12: Insurance Needs of Your Upholstery Business

This webinar will give a broad overview of various types of insurance coverage, include general liability, professional liability and workers compensation. Special highlighting will be given to specific insurance issues that relate to the field of upholstery. This will be interactive, with plenty of time for questions.

Webinar recorded for members. 

Have an idea for an NUA Webinar? Click here to send a note. 

NUA is pursuing 501(c)6 non-profit status.

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