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About this Event

Webinar: Workroom Endgame, Planning for Business Succession and Retirement

  • November 14, 2023
  • 1:00 PM (EST)

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You’ve grown your business steadily over many years, but you won’t be able to do this work forever. In an update to her 2016 class, Jeanelle Dech shares three strategies and several examples of workrooms who have transitioned or are close to retirement. Then, to create your own plan for ensuring a return on your years of business investment, ask yourself 12 questions, including: “What do you consider to be of value in the business?” and “Do you hope to leave a personal legacy for your life of hard work?”

It’s never too early to plan your endgame.

Jeanelle Dech is back this month!

Jeanelle Dech is president and co-founder of Adaptive Textiles, an innovative textile printing company in West Chester, PA. She is a friendly and engaging speaker, known for her entrepreneurial spirit, love of natural linen fabric, Fit-Like-a-Glove slipcovers, and workroom profitability training. In 2015 she launched The Workroom Marketplace ( and The Workroom Channel (, which hosts a series of online training programs for sewing professionals.  She is the creative energy behind The Workroom Channel’s METHOD SHARE series, REAL WORKROOM TOURS, the FLY ON THE WALL series, and countless other collaborative efforts serving the Custom Workroom Industry.

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