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About this Event

Breaking into Upholstery: A Pathway to a Skilled Trade from Your Home

  • May 14, 2024
  • 1:00 PM (EDT)

With Kymmburleigh Clark

Dive into the world of upholstery with Kymm Clark of LullCo, an instructor and innovator in the field, renowned for her engaging in-person and live virtual classes. Kymm will share her story of stepping into a gap within the industry, offering practical advice for learning and experimenting with upholstery on a budget.

With a focus on accessibility and community, this session aims to empower attendees with the knowledge and confidence to start their own journey in upholstery, proving that with determination and creativity, anyone can contribute meaningfully to the trade. This webinar addresses the challenge many face: the scarcity of formal training opportunities in upholstery within the US, and the access to the right tools and resources to make it possible. Kymm will share her journey of breaking into the industry without formal education, emphasizing the importance of self-education and resourcefulness. Learn how to leverage local resources for creative projects when home space is limited, and discover accessible methods to explore and experiment with upholstery at little to no cost. Learn how to find your clients with the right organic marketing using word of mouth and social media, while getting paid to learn along the way. Kymm’s approach has filled a crucial gap in transitional education, providing a lifeline for those eager to learn this neglected trade. Whether you’re looking for a new career, a passionate hobbyist, or somewhere in between, join us to understand how you too can start your journey toward becoming a skilled upholsterer, contributing to a vibrant community in need of fresh talents.

Kymm has carved a distinctive path in the upholstery world, driven by a passion for the craft and a self-taught mastery honed over more than a decade of dedication. Faced with the scarcity of formal education options in upholstery within the US, she turned obstacles into opportunities, both for herself and for others aspiring to enter the trade. Recognizing the gap in accessible, practical education, Kymm took the initiative to share her knowledge, leading to the development of highly sought-after in-person and hands-on virtual classes and lighting the spark of the next generation of upholsterers to take over the industry. These classes have not only offered a lifeline to over 300 students in the last 18 months but also fostered a community where 60% of attendees return from all over the US for further learning. The success stories among her students, many of whom have taken on upholstery as a side hustle, launched their businesses or found meaningful job placements and apprenticeships in upholstery establishments, are a testament to the effectiveness of Kymm’s approach to education. Her journey reflects a commitment to making the upholstery trade more accessible, filling a crucial gap with resourcefulness and genuine care for the craft and its future artisans and keeping the upholstery trade alive and well.  

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