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Committee Highlight: Coordinating our Team of Volunteers!

March 31, 2021 3:00 AM | CARLA PYLE

What's up back-stage at the National Upholstery Association?

Spotlight on the Volunteer Coordination Committee

Team celebrating on a mountaintop

The Volunteer Coordination Committee supports the NUA's mission by growing our team of qualified volunteers through prospecting, recruitment, and retention efforts. This committee helps prospective volunteers find their best fit and looks for ways to ensure high volunteer engagement in our endeavor to enhance the overall member experience. 

We are currently (April, 2021) comprised of four members; our responsibilities include laying the foundation for a successful volunteer program, recruiting and training new volunteers, keeping a database of volunteer information and skills, matching volunteers to opportunities that suit their skills, keeping volunteers informed, and conveying the NUA's purpose to the public. 

Current openings on the Volunteer Coordination Committee are:

Volunteer Outreach Assistant – will assist in recruiting and collecting/maintaining data, as well as communicating with volunteers about schedules, training, and opportunities.

Volunteer Communications Coordinator – Use your writing skills to create blog posts and newsletter submissions, send emails to potential and existing volunteers, keep communication templates up to date, and other related tasks.

“The best part about working with the NUA’s Volunteer Coordination Committee is making new friends in the upholstery world! Enthusiasm runs high on our volunteer team for advancing the field of professional upholstery, while getting to know others in the trade. We look forward to meeting you and helping you find the best fit for your skills & goals, as we work together for the future success of our rapidly evolving trade!” 

~ Carla Pyle, Committee Chair

We invite you to join our committee and be a part of achieving NUA’s exciting goals this year!

Ready to dive in? Check out all of our current volunteer opportunities, and fill out a brief volunteer application to get started.

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