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December Webinar

December 06, 2019 5:11 AM | Michelle Minner

Join us on December 10th at 1pm ET for this month’s Webinar

 the big three - ready for year end
with sandy schlafer

written by Nancy Sargent owner of Cobani Bleu Upholstery

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Wow! How did we even get to December so fast! Well you know what they say,“Time flies when your having fun!”

Speaking of fun, are you ready for the year-end? Not the fun New Year’s Eve party, cause you know that one ends at the stroke of midnight! I’m talking about

The Dreaded Tax Season!

Now, let me just say, in a former life, I was a finance manager working in Corporate America! I’m pretty good with budgets and spreadsheets, BUT, having your own business is just a bit different! You are responsible for all you financial reporting.

And we all know we want to be straight with Uncle Sam!

That is why I’m super excited about this month’s webinar, The Big Three – Ready For Year End with Sandy Schlafer. Sandy is an expert with Quickbooks. And Quickbooks is one of the best tools, (best friends) a small business owner can have.

With Quickbooks, you don’t just open an account and start punching in numbers and viola, you have the reporting you need. You have to set it up! And by that I mean, set it up correctly, so that you will get the reporting you need and harness the power of Quickbooks!

That is where Sandy comes in. She is going to teach us exactly how to set up Quickbooks so we get the maximum bang for the buck!

This includes all the financial reporting for year-end including the BIG THREE:

  •  Profit & Loss Statement
  •  Balance Sheet
  •  Sales by Item Summary

If numbers are not your thing, then this webinar is for you! Learn from Sandy how to make this tool work for you, so you can easily be in control of your numbers and more importantly, you can confidently wear the Chief Financial Officer hat for your business.

Sandy is a partner at Common Sense Quickbooks Coaching. She has certification in Quickbooks ProAdvisor in Desktop and is advanced certified in Quickbooks Online. She has extensive bookkeeping experience and specializes in catering, interior design, non-profits and family counseling. Be sure to bring your questions, I know she’ll be able to answer them.

Members, to sign up for the Webinar check your email dated December 1, 2019, for the link.

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We look forward to seeing you at the webinar and don’t forget to bring all your Quickbook questions!

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