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Email Marketing With Joy And Ease with Kimberly Beer

January 10, 2020 12:00 PM | Nancy Sargent (Administrator)

Join us on January 14th at 1pm ET for this month’s Webinar

 How To Do Email marketing with joy and ease

with kimberly beer

written by Nancy Sargent owner of Cobani Bleu The Art of Sitting Soft

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Are you primarily marketing your business via Facebook and or Instagram? I’m willing to bet you have worked really hard to build your audience too! Are you wondering why so few of your posts actually reach your audience?

Well it is all due to the algorithms that are set up by Facebook and Instagram. Same company, by the way! To make things even more frustrating, just when you think you have made real progress, suddenly the algorithms change. You may only know this because your ‘numbers’ drop.

Did you know that there is a better way to market to your core audience? A system that pays off big dividends for your investment of time. A marketing strategy that Facebook and Instagram can’t mess with! It’s called Email Marketing. Maybe you’ve heard about this form of marketing. Maybe you are even using it for your business. Or maybe you are totally new to it.

The good news is that our January Webinar is all about Email Marketing. Kimberly Beer, of Be More Business, is an award winning writer, graphic designer, photographer and an advocate for entrepreneurship and small business marketing. Kimberly is sure to pack this webinar with creative solutions and actionable steps that will get your marketing strategy in order for the New Year.

So what is email marketing and why is it important to your business? If you rely on Facebook and Instagram for your marketing, guess what? All those hard earned likes and followers are not yours! Nope! Facebook and Instagram and their algorithms have complete control over who sees what. However, the basis of email marketing is that you build your own list of subscribers. These are people that have opted in to receiving your marketing communications.

Hello!!! What is more amazing than having people ask you to market to them!

Kimberly is here to teach us how to effectively market to this very group. What’s the best strategy? How you can develop an engaging plan. Kimberly will even provide tips and recommendations for the best tools.

Finally, email marketing has one of the highest rates of return on the investment of your time. As busy entrepreneurs, we all want to invest our time wisely. If you are thinking that this must be some complicated marketing plan, then the really good news is that Kimberly is here to show us how to use this powerful tool with Ease! Just think how Joyful you will be with email marketing effectively working for you business!

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We look forward to seeing you at the webinar and don’t forget to bring all your email marketing questions!


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