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Once Upon A Hide: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Leather But Were Afraid To Ask

March 06, 2020 1:29 PM | Nancy Sargent

Join us on March 10th at 1pm ET for this month’s Webinar

 Once Upon A Hide: Everything You Always Wanted to know about Leather but were afraid to ask

presented by 

Crest Leather usa

Lucio esposito, carla bluitt & ashley blume

written by Nancy Sargent owner of Cobani Bleu The Art of Sitting Soft

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Did you ever wish, once upon a time, to work with leather? I sure have! It’s a little intimidating though, having never worked with it before. Leather just seems different. It’s expensive. How do you calculate what you need?  The sewing, what thread and needles do I use. Staples, ah, what if I mess up! Are you feeling the same way? 

Take a deep breath!  Our NUA Industry Partner, Crest Leather USA is here to assuage all our concerns. Lucio Esposito, Carla Bluitt and Ashley Blume will share with us all the distinct and pleasurable attributes of working with hides.

A native of Argentina, Lucio Esposito, grew up in the family tannery. He has extensive knowledge of both raw materials and the tanning process. Working with the flagship tannery in Italy, he provides strategic direction and vision for the company. Lucio launched Crest Leather USA in 2014. 

Carla Bluitt is the Business Development Manager for Crest Leather. With her wealth of marketing and business acumen, she works with furniture manufacturers, workrooms and upholstery shops to ensure they are all equipped for success. Carla loves networking and educating industry partners and upholstery professionals.

Ashley Blume is an integral member of the Crest Leather team as their Inside Sales Manager. In seeking out new upholstery partners, she is the go-to person to get your account set up, send out your swatch library and ensure it is up to date. She loves to explore innovative ways to reach customers while promoting the Crest brand. 

This passionate and enthusiastic team is here to teach us everything we always wanted to know about leather but were afraid to ask. For instance:

  • Do you know how to calculate how much leather you need for a project? 
  • What about natural defects?
  • Why do some hides stretch?
  • Is there such a thing as performance leather?
  • What do the terms aniline, semi-aniline and pigmented mean?
  • What’s the difference between Brazilian vs. European Raw Material?
  • What is bonded leather? 
  • What should you be asking your leather supplier?

If this isn’t enough, rumor has it that Crest will be giving away a couple of hides to webinar attendees! I mean seriously, how amazing is that!

Are you ready to begin your once upon a time leather project? Be sure to sign up for this webinar and get ready to create a beautiful project. Adding leather to your repertoire will take your business to a whole new dimension. As an NUA Industry Partner, Crest Leather is here to support all your leather aspirations.  

The National Upholstery Association is so grateful for the support of our industry partners, such as Crest Leather. Our industry partners encourage and support us and truly make the upholstery profession a better place to be. 

Members, to sign up for the webinar check your email dated February 25, 2020, for the link.

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We look forward to seeing you at the webinar and don’t forget to bring all your leather questions!

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