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July's Webinar and a New Membership Perk

July 10, 2020 5:15 PM | Michelle Minner (Administrator)

Want to make sure your business is legally taken care of? Not sure where to begin? Well you are in luck July's Webinar is titled, Top 10 Things You Need to Know to Run Your Business

This webinar will begin to detail and highlight the questions you need to answer for your business to ensure that your business is taking care of being legally protected. Participants will learn how to choose an attorney, key factors in incorporating, contracts pertaining to a variety of business relationships, intellectual property--why it is SO important, how to protect their web presence, and best practices for social media.

To register for the webinar, members check your email dated 6/30/20 for the link.

The Webinar is presented by Angie Avard Turner, owner of Gracious Counsel. She describes herself as an “Attorney for Creative Entrepreneurs”. On her website https://www.graciouscounsel.com/upholstery-business you’ll find a whole suite of contract templates for your Upholstery Business.

The templates range from estimates, privacy policies to confidentiality agreements with employees and all things in between.

We are excited to announce a New Perk for NUA members! 

National Upholstery Association members now receive 15% off your purchase of Gracious Counsel templates! Check the Member Resources page for the discount code.

Here is a little bit more about Angie and her business.

Angie Avard Turner is a creative entrepreneur with over 20 years of creative experience.  She is also an attorney who represents creatives of all kinds, and she has been licensed to practice law since 2001.  Angie is a business consultant, an author, a featured writer, a designer, a public speaker, a problem solver, an out-of-the-box thinker, an unconventionalist, a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. She is just a regular ole gal who has been around the creative block a few times.  She wants to help you round that block with each new success!

Head on over to Gracious Counsel and see what she has to offer.


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