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Exciting developments in the world of upholstery!!

July 10, 2020 4:42 PM | Michelle Minner (Administrator)

Written by Carla Pyle, NUA volunteer coordinator & nominating committee member

Upholsterers possess a unique strength of character that comes from self-reliance, resilience, and determination. Yet even those of us who are accustomed to working solo have discovered unparalleled challenges in the first half of 2020. During those weeks, I have witnessed group zoom meetings turn into brainstorming sessions for how to survive, and yes - thrive, in the face of adversity. I've seen mentors reaching out to offer helpful advice to newbies and peers alike. Over the past year, I've seen ideas transformed into reality as I've worked alongside an amazing group of volunteers that have grown the National Upholstery Association into a thriving community. Together we have demonstrated that the common thread that ties us together also makes us stronger individually, as we pull each other up. Workrooms, classrooms, and industry partners are finding a common platform on which to strengthen business practices, build new educational programs, and create support networks that help us grow stronger together.

The NUA has several short- and long-term opportunities for those of you who are eager to help shape the future of upholstery. 

For those seeking a longer-term commitment, nominations are now open for Board of Directors positions (2 years). As a member of the current board, I can tell you it's an exciting, enlightening, and infinitely rewarding experience. 

For those looking for a shorter commitment (tuned in with your schedule), our volunteer wish list includes:
  • Working with volunteers - building, expanding and improving how we work together (current focus is defining specific opportunities and time frames based on the goals outlined in the NUA's strategic plan) 

  • Writing & editing stories of interest to the trade and the membership

  • Keeping members informed of both internal and external affairs

  • Technical assistance in the form of web development, scheduling, and communications

  • Contacting individual members regarding membership perks, updates and spotlight articles

  • Merchandise development

  • Legal, administrative and financial assistance for the advancement of the trade  

  • Tell us about your interests if you have a talent not mentioned above - we'd love to work with you!

It is truly an honor to play a part in shaping the professional upholstery industry - working together to open up new opportunities and benefits for those working both within the trade, and alongside it.  

If you have ideas about the direction this professional organization should go, now's your chance to make a difference!

Submit your name or nominations today to:
info@nationalupholsteryassociation.org or submit your nomination via our volunteer page.

 The election will take place on September 1, 2020.

Questions? Send them to info@nationalupholsteryassociation.org

NUA is pursuing 501(c)6 non-profit status.

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